Testing on the strip

Testing our product on the strip

At Induct Performance, we are always looking to improve our products and looking to optimize our results. You might have seen us around the Montreal area all throughout summer doing testing at the drag strip. We have put a lot of effort into our product development and it is for us the way to test and ensure the reliability of our product. We call it “The Asphalt Dyno”.

During those tests, we have met a lot of new people. You would come at us, talk to us and share your passion with us. At the end of the day, we are all passionate about our Volkswagen and Audi. It reminded us WHY we are doing what we do and why we strive everyday to push further and bring forward new products. We love what we do and your enthusiasm is driving us forward.

The results

We have put to the test our Exhaust Systems, our Air Intake System, our Intercooler System and Turbocharger Upgrade. During the last 6months, we have put many miles on our products, and we have rigorously tested them at the track. Our products were developed to endure the stress ANY enthusiast can throw at it.

During the summer heat wave, our upcoming Intercooler System was put to the test along our Turbo Upgrade System. Those components were pushed to higher boost levels and higher heat intensity then previously. Our results show consistent and repeatable performance results from our solutions. Furthermore, ours testing has also proven the efficiency and flow performance of our Power Flow brand Air Intake System and our Turbo Inlet Elbow. Both being critical component for air flow on the MQB car platform.

Our Exhaust Downpipes Systems were also put to the test multiple time throughout our development. With over a hundred launches, our downpipes have shown remarkable longevity and performance. Our fitment is astonishing requiring no cutting or adjustment, simply bolt-on. Even after thousands of miles and hundreds of launches, no adjustment is required and no rattles are present. The quality Stainless Steel used will outlast your car and it gives it its nice distinctive gold and purple-ish color after a fee heat cycle.

Affordable Without Compromise

At Induct Performance, you get the high quality of an high end product at a value pricing. Our products have proven performance and are engineered for quality. Our optimized business processes allow us to bring forward our innovative products at a reduce cost. This is what we call Affordable without compromise.

During all those times we have met with you, the enthusiast, you have shown us and reminded us why we do what we do. You deserve a high quality product without having to spend an arm and a leg for it. This is what it is about!