MyGolfMk7 test our Mk7 MQB Air Intake System on the flow bench

Induct Performance Intake System Flow Test

A lot of you might know this esteemed member of our community, our friend Jeffrey at and all the tests he is performing to evaluate products available for our cars. Earlier in January, he reach to us to test our products. It was a privilege for us to be part for his test as we are already a fan of his work. Jeffrey does great work and follow rigorous steps to evaluate the most impartial test possible of all the products under the same conditions. He has been a reference for this community.

For This test, Induct Performance has provided our MQB Mk7 Air Intake System.

The Flow Test Results

How did we do? EXTREMELY WELL! The equipment used to perform the test has a capacity of 600CFM (cubic foot per minute) under a vacuum of -28″ of H20. Our intake basically outflow the capacity of the machine. It’s maximum reading of 596CFM was read at -25″ of H20. In order to produce comparable results with competitor product, Jeffrey had to estimate the results at -28″ of H20 and set it at 631CFM.

Jeffrey @”The Induct Performance intake system produces clear gains in airflow over the stock Mk7 GTI intake components when measured with a flow bench.

This proven to be 145CFM or 30% MORE then stock and 130CFM or 26% MORE then the tested competition. Our intake system did very well on this overall flow test. Our 3.5″ Intake tube design shown to be superior in flow to the smaller size competitor. Also, our open Air box versus close air box design seems to be a lot more efficient for air flow as well.

You can read the whole article here.
Credit to Jeffrey for his great review and for his test pictures.