Golf R GTI S3 Downpipes and Facts about Performance

Basically, the activity of Improving the performance of your Golf R / GTI / S3 is a straightforward, fun and very satisfying activity.

All you have to do is keep in mind a few basic ideas & follow those concepts, it can be very rewarding!

When selecting performance parts, one must beware of false claims, hype and unproven power numbers by vendor who want you believe their numbers are NOT True but simply exist because they “tell you so“. Beware, when things seem “too good to be true” with power claims, as those claims usually are anything but True.

AVOID these at all costs, or they WILL COST you, Money, Time, Frustration and Embarrassment!

So let’s talk about performance, downpipes and facts about your Golf R, GTI or S3.

An engine is fundamentally an Air Pump. Air comes in an intake mixes with fuel, compressed, lit by spark and produces energy, the spent mixture leaves through a downpipe as exhaust.

As simple as that is, there is no magic, simply refinement and tuning balance to make all those elements work in a combination to produce optimum power.

The factory (OEM) downpipe is designed to fit their many requirements needed for consumers
worldwide, including noise, longevity, emissions, legal, gas mileage, use on other models & years and to maintain Low production costs on the assembly line.

Due to all these competing factors, the horsepower level is often compromised and is less than ideal due to severe restriction of airflow, effectively killing horsepower.

INDUCT PERFORMANCE uses our professional engineering skills to design and build quality, free flowing downpipes made from aerospace quality stainless steel. Our criteria is simple – Performance!

The Induct Performance POWER FLOW downpipe provides the capacity needed for optimized horsepower & Flow that give you not only more power but also better sound and improved throttle response and the improved the reduced backpressure allows your turbo to spool up quicker than stock.

At Induct we provide not just performance claims, we deliver performance improvement Facts.
We do extensive testing on our designs to ensure that you get not only the best Value but the best possible performance. We have performance testing on the street and on the track and have numbers to back it all up.

In fact, we even sometimes even have Third Party tests done on our parts (Like we recently had done with our cold air intakes) to prove that not only do we improve performance but we rank above other much more expensive brands!

At INDUCT PERFORMANCE We Strive for Total PERFECTION and Always deliver AWESOME to You!