MK7 MQB FWD Downpipe

USD $ 559.99
CAD $ 783.99

When it comes to performance, an enhanced Downpipe is a must have on your VW or Audi.

The OEM Downpipe size is small and barely adequate in stock form, it also has a Catalytic converter that is very restrictive and causes a loss of power and not suitable for any type of performance application.

The Induct Performance Downpipe is made of top quality T304SS Stainless Steel that does not rust and is designed using the latest 3D engineering that ensures superior fitment for ease of installation. Performance improvement is seen in increased Flow featuring a 76.2mm (3") diameter to eliminate any restriction. It is both durable and solves all your power needs with optimized flow for more power and more responsive boost response.

If you are serious about performance, you need the Induct Performance Mk7 and Mk7.5 GTi MQB Fwd downpipe.

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