Eurodyne Reflash with PowerTapp cable

USD $ 699.99
CAD $ 979.99

Eurodyne ECU Flash with PowerTap cable

The Eurodyne reflash with the PowerTap tool allows you to reprogram your ECU with a Tuned File from the comfort of your home. It includes all the standard Eurodyne "Off-the-shelves" Stage1 through Stage2+ (if applicable), all you need is a Windows-based Laptop and an internet connection.

The standard Stage1 tune is great for any OEM car with 91oct, offering outstanding performance increase. You can also choose Stage1+ if you have access to 93oct for even more performance. The Stage2 is reserved for enthusiasts with an after-market downpipe and an Intake system.

*** For Stage2 and above, if your car is equipped with a DSG transmission, you might require the DSG tune.

ECU Reflash